Sprinkles specifications

Kind of Sprinkles

Sugar Beads
Tabletting Candy
Spanish Cand Slice
Super Shiny Silver
Polished Sprinkles
Matte Sprinkles
Pearly Sprinkles
Shimmer Sprinkles
Union Colos Sprinkles
Colorful Metallic Sprinkles
Edible Silver Sprinkles
Decor Gold Sprinkles

Size of Sugar Beads

2mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
4mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
6mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
7mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
8mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
10mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
12mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
14mm - Sugar Bead Sprinkles
Other size of Sugar Beads

King of Jimmies

Short Jimmies
Long Jimmies
Texture of Jimmies
Pearly Jimmies
Pearly Jimmies
Other King of Jimmies

Kind of Confetti

Round Confetti
Square Confetti
Other Kind of Jimmies
Doodle Confetti
Handmade Confetti
Regular Confetti Personalization
Other Kind of Doodle Confetti
Metallic Sprinkles
Silver Sprinkles
Decor Gold Sprinkles
Metallic Colorful Sprinkles
Other Kind of Confetti

Mix Sprinkles

Sprinkles Blends
Christmas Sprinkles
Halloween Sprinkles
Easter Sprinkles
Valentine's Day Sprinkles
Special Product Sprinkles
Metallic mix Sprinkles
Colorful Sprinkles Blends mixed
Accept to Customize

Edible Paper

Custom Patterns
Customized Patterns
Press Candy
Matte Press Candy
Polished Press Candy
Pearly Press Candy
Metallic Press Candy
Icing Decorations
Delicate Icing Decorations
Customized Icing Decorations
Edible Food Coloring
Basic Colors - Edible Marker Coloring
Special Colors - Edible Marker Coloring

Food Coloring

Liquid Food Coloring
Gel Food Coloring
Basic Colors - Liquid Food Coloring
Special Colors - Liquid Food Coloring
Basic Colors - Gel Food Coloring
Special Colors - Gel Food Coloring

Glitter Dust

Edible Luster Dust - Bottle
Edible Luster Dust - Spray
Other Kind of Glitter Dust